Utility of Haeuslerella Parr (Foraminifera) in New Zealand Middle Tertiary stratigraphy (print copy)

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Scott, G.H. 1965 Utility of Haeuslerella Parr (Foraminifera) in New Zealand Middle Tertiary stratigraphy. Wellington: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey paleontological bulletin 38 47 p.


Abstract: Haeuslerella Parr is a lineage of arenaceous Foraminifera which develops from a biserial, textularian condition in the Waitakian (Upper Oligocene) to a uniserial bigenerine habit in the Awamoan (Lower Miocene). An index of chamber attachment is proposed to quantify this progression and its suitability as an objective measurement is tested by analysis of variance techniques. Results from the model are compared with associated Key Species; conflicting evidence from supposedly post-Otaian samples suggests that certain index fossils for Altonian time are suspect. Sequential analysis is applied to distinguish Otaian from pre- and post-Otaian samples. However, it is suggested that the model portrays a continuum and that most effective use of it is made by specifying the location of any sample by its mean and standard error. (auth)

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