Upper Cenozoic Mollusca of Wairoa district, Hawke's Bay (print copy)

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Marwick, J. 1965 Upper Cenozoic Mollusca of Wairoa district, Hawke's Bay. Wellington: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey paleontological bulletin 39 83 p.

Abstract: Wairoa district occupies part of northern Hawke's Bay and southern Gisborne land districts and contains the type locality of the Opoitian Stage. Mollusca collected in the subdivision from the Opoitian, Waitotaran, and Mukumaruan Stages are here listed, and amendments are made to the original lists of key fossils for the Kapitean and Opoitian Stages. In the systematic part, 47 new species or subspecies of the Wanganui Series are described and figured; notes, as well as figures, of some previously named groups, particularly Phialopecten, are given. Three new Tongaporutuan species are included in an appendix. (auth)

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