New Zealand Mesozoic bivalves of the Superfamily Trigoniacea (print copy)

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Fleming, C.A. 1987 New Zealand Mesozoic bivalves of the Superfamily Trigoniacea. Wellington: DSIR. New Zealand Geological Survey paleontological bulletin 53 104 p.

Abstract: A systematic revision of New Zealand representatives of the superfamily Trigoniacea, world-wide group that flourished in the Mesozoic and includes many index fossils of importance for correlation, was stimulated by the discovery of new species in New Zealand rocks and by the revisions of L.R. Cox (1952) and other paleontologists throughout the world. Whereas Marwick listed only 5 species in his 1953 review of faunas of the Hikonui System (Triassic and Jurassic), more than 28 species (in 11 genera) are now recognised. In the Cretaceous of New Zealand, 17 species-group taxa are grouped in 10 genera and subgenera, compared to the 6 species of Trigonia (s. lat.) listed before this revision

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