Manual of New Zealand Permian to Pleistocene foraminiferal biostratigraphy (print copy)

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Hornibrook, N. de B.; Brazier, R.C.; Strong, C.P. 1989 Manual of New Zealand Permian to Pleistocene foraminiferal biostratigraphy. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey paleontological bulletin 56 175 p.

Abstract: This manual is a concise, illustrated practical guide to the foraminiferal basis for the correlation and classification of New Zealand marine strata for both students and practicing micropaleontologists and stratigraphers. The first part consists of seventeen short introductory chapters on the collection, preparation, curation and illustration of fossil foraminifera as well as containing sections on biology, nomenclature, classification, publishing journals, biostratigraphic practice and stages. A chapter on time scales and overseas correlations deals briefly with radiometric dating methods and the application of magnetic polarity stratigraphy to geochronology. A chapter on depth paleoecology deals with well known examples of Cretaceous and Cenozoic biofacies. The second part deals with the key fusulinid foraminifera of the Permian and key species of the Triassic and the New Zealand Cretaceous and Cenozoic stages. The history, definition, key foraminifera, stratotypes and distribution of the Cenozoic stages are dealt with in most detail. Over 500 species of benthic and planktic foraminifera are illustrated and their updated time ranges are given in the text, tables and figs. Concise descriptions of most key species of foraminifera together with basic references, are given in alphabetical order. Several sections are devoted to bioseries and related groups and lineages: the Orbulina bioseries, the Haeuslerella bioseries, Vulvulina and Semivulvulina, Cribrorotalia, Notorotalia and Discorotalia, Uvigerininae, Bolivinita, the Plectofrondicularia proparri lineage, Bolivinellidae and some Cenozoic larger foraminifera. Two new species, Discorbis wanganuiensis Hornibrook and Rectuvigerina clifdenensis Hornibrook, and one new name, Vaginulinopsis zeacarinata Kennett, are proposed. (auth.)

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