Fossils VII

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Brazier, R.C.; Keyes, I.W.; Stevens, G.R. 1990 Fossils VII 1 poster In: Brazier, R.C.; Keyes, I.W.; Stevens, G.R. Fossils poster set. Lower Hutt: DSIR Geology & Geophysics. DSIR Geology and Geophysics fossils series.

Abstract: Flocks of moas, New Zealand's unique flightless bird, were preyed upon by the world's largest eagle. Both became extinct about 500 years ago. - Based on "The great New Zealand fossil book" / R.C. Brazier, I.W. Keyes, G.R. Stevens, published by DSIR Geology and Geophysics, 1990. (auth/DG). - Fossils VII lower right poster

(Poster measures 470 x 350 mm and has white surrounds with DSIR logo)

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