Revised guide to recording field observations in sedimentary sequences (print copy)

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Andrews, P.B. 1982 Revised guide to recording field observations in sedimentary sequences. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 102 74 p.

Abstract: Two sheets for plotting measured sections are figured. Standardised procedures, symbols, terms and abbreviations to be used in plotting are listed and illustrated. The Measured Section Detail Sheet is A3 and provides for many different types of information, including sample number and position, name and age of formations, petrographic and paleotologic data, graphic and descriptive logs, and structural and paleocurrent data. Graphic symbols, terms and their abbreviations are illustrated and listed for the following features: stratification, colour, weathering, hardness, cements, sediment texture and composition, sedimentary structures, fossils, and tectonic features. Field procedures for sampling for microfossils, minerals, sediment texture, and oil and gas seepages are described, as are methods for measuring paleocurrent features. A cross-index to names, terms and their abbreviations is also given.

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