Water well data, geohydrology and Quaternary geology, southern Marlborough

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Brown, L.J. 1988 Water well data, geohydrology and Quaternary geology, southern Marlborough. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 111. 57 p.

Abstract: Quaternary geology, geohydrology, water well, and groundwater data are presented for the area of Marlborough between the Clarence and Conway Rivers. This includes Kaikoura plain, the main area of flat land in southern Marlborough. The Kaikoura plain has been formed by coalescing fans deposited by rivers and streams draining the southeast slopes of the Seaward Kaikoura Range (Mt Fyffe slopes), and by the Hapuku and Kowhai rivers. Fluvial deposits are of late last glaciation or postglacial age. On the lower part of the Kaikoura plain adjacent to the Kaikoura Peninsula beach ridges have formed and are backed by modern swamp deposits. Three distinct gravel aquifers (water table, non-flowing artesian and flowing artesian) underlying the Kaikoura plain are tapped by wells for domestic, stock, and irrigation water supplies. A table lists well location, total depth, yield, drawdown and water level, and chemical analyses of well water, well logs, hydrographs of water level measurements, and unlocated wells are also given. The text and figures discuss the data to aid prospective well owners in considering and planning using groundwater for water supplies, and the implications of the data for considering management options for the groundwater resource.