Copper in Northland

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Bowen, F.E.; Hay, R.F.; Kear, D.; Williams, X.K.; Bell, J.M.; Clarke, E. C. 1966 Copper in Northland. [Lower Hutt]: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 12 117 p.

Abstract: This compilation presents all current Geological Survey data relating to the occurrence of copper in Northland, with the exception of the 1966 confidential report on Coppermine Island (Hen & Chicken Group). The reports are deliberately unedited, so that no bias (eg. following modern ideas of ore genesis) is introduced and no significant details that appear unimportant to an editor are omitted. As a result, the style of many items remains that of rapidly-written reports for internal use only. Some of these reports are previously unpublished, and some are out-of-print. (auth)