Limestone resources of the Otago area (print copy)

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Cooper, R.A. 1966 Limestone resources of the Otago area. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 15 78 p.

Abstract: The purpose of this survey is to describe the distribution and quality of limestone and calcareous sandstone being worked at present, or which may be of future use in agriculture or industry. The area covered is the Otago and Southland Land Districts (excluding that area in Southland covered by NZ Geological Survey Bulletin 49). Limestones of the Hakataramea Valley, Pentland Hills and Waihao Valley of South Canterbury are also included and the whole area is referred to, for convenience, as the 'Otago Area'. All known limestone localities with present economic potential are described and sampled, and several low grade limestone and calcareous sandstone formations of large size or near the main population centres are included. Their availability and quality are discussed and seven of the localities have been mapped in detail. Other calcareous rocks, with little or no present economic potential owing to their low grade, remoteness or small quantity, are mentioned. (auth)

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