New Zealand Bryozoa : catalogue of specimens in the N.Z. Geological Survey (print copy)

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Fleming, C.A. 1971 New Zealand Bryozoa : catalogue of specimens in the N.Z. Geological Survey. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 50 43 p.

Abstract: The Geological Survey has never had a specialist on Bryozoa on the staff, F.W. Hutton's interest dating from his Otago period, after he had left Wellington. Fossil Bryozoa sent by Hector to the Sydney Exhibition in 1879 were described by the Rev. J.F. Tennison-Woods in 1880 and most of his types remain in the collections. After D.A. Brown's study of Tertiary Cheilostomata at the British Museum, leading to his definitive publication of 1952, certain paratypes and identified specimens were lodged in the Geological Survey. The late Dr G.H. Uttley had taken up the study of Bryozoa soon after the First World War and received material from the Geological Survey in J.A. Thomson's time and later, but in the course of a busy life as a secondary school headmaster, lacking photographic facilities, he found it impossible to publish until his retirement, when he produced two papers on Bryozoa in the Canterbury Museum Records (1949, 1951) and a nomenclatural note in Trans. Roy. Soc NZ (1956). During his later years, living in Karori, Wellington, Dr Uttley built up a reference collection at the Geological Survey and continued to prepare papers for publication, notably on account of the Bryozoa from Everett's Quarry, Kakanui (Whaingaroan, Lower Oligocene). After Dr Uttley's death in 1960, in terms of his wishes, his collection came to the Geological Survey where it has subsequently been stored. Recently the Uttley collection was sorted and arranged in accessible form, specimens he had borrowed from other museums were returned, and a draft catalogue (which is virtually a checklist of the NZ Tertiary Bryozoan fqauna) has been prepared. The collection consists of more than 3,000 slide mounts of identified NZ Tertiary and Recent Bryozoa, some hundreds of overseas specimens (some received from specialists like Bassler, Waters, Canu and Stach), and a considerable number of large specimens or bulk lots not mounted as slides. Many of the slides bear unpublished (MS) names given by Uttley to new species he had segregated. A large amount of manuscript notes, descriptions and sketches is also filed at the Geological Survey. The catalogue is restricted to New Zealand specimens. It follows the classification by Bassler (1953). Where possible, a reference is given after the specific name, and sometimes type locality is mentioned. The name is followed by localities represented by identified material in the collection, with abbreviated geological age. Many species are represented by severqal slides from one or more localities. Species represented only by Recent specimens are preceded by an asterisk (*). Species in the Cenozoic fauna that are not represented by specimens in the Geological Survey have been included generally with a reference or reported occurrence in brackets or with the phrase ''(Not in NZGS)''. Some of the older names included for completeness (Mantell, Stoliczka etc) have not been revised by modern workers. Uttley's manuscript names for new species are includ ed to give an indication of the scope of the collection but have, of course, no nomenclatural status. Generic placings are generally those made by Uttley. As the compiler has no experience of bryozoan taxonomy there are bound to be errors and inconsistencies. The collection is available under normal conditions for visitng research workers on Bryozoa.

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