Definition of fossil record retrieval language

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Farr, A.J. 1971 Definition of fossil record retrieval language. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 53 13 p.

Abstract: The New Zealand Fossil Record File is a national repository for biostratigraphic data (Speden, 1970). The work reported here is part of a project by Applied Mathematics Division amd NZ Geological Survey, DSIR, to retrieve data from the file by computer. The content of the user document (Fossil Record) is described by Scott (1970). Randal et al (1969) discuss ALGOL string handling procedures implemented earlier in the project on an Elliott 503 installed at Applied Mathematics Division. The retrieval language is designed to permit geologists and paleontologists to conduct machine searches of the file without intervention of skilled programmers. A user guide to the language is in preparation. This report is written as an implementation guide and to satisfy demands of those requiring a technical description of the language. The essential structure of the language in Backus Naur notation (Maur, 1963) is given in sections 2, 3, 4; section 5 deals with facilities for scanning lists of Linnaean names and may not concern those interested in applications to other types of file. The final section outlines notifications that may be introduced after initial implementation.