Paleontology of the Torlesse Supergroup (print copy)

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Stevens, G.R. 1972 Paleontology of the Torlesse Supergroup. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 54 18 p.

Abstract: This review of the Paleontology of the Torlesse Supergroup was written as a section of Chaper 4 (''Carboniferous-Jurassic: The era of the New Zealand Geosyncline'') of ''The Geology of New Zealand'', currently in preparation by the New Zealand Geological Survey. The major conclusions were presented at the ''Symposium on the Torlesse Supergroup'', organised by the Geology Section, Wellington Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 24-25 June 1971, and the full text is reproduced in the present form so as to make it more immediately available to workers interested in Torlesse problems.

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