Geodetic monitoring of earth deformation in the Wellington area (print copy)

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Otway, P.M. 1972 Geodetic monitoring of earth deformation in the Wellington area. Wellington: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 55; New Zealand Geological Survey report EDS 5. 46 p.

Abstract: A series of four precise surveys spanning a period of 42 years demonstrate elastic deformation across the Wellington Fault. The chief characteristics of the deformation appear to be a long-term or secular right-lateral (dextral) shear in the order of 0.7 x 10-6 per year within a zone less than 7km wide. Superimposed on this trend are rapid accelerations and reversals with a rate of approximately 17 x 10-6 per year. More detailed and frequent surveys will be needed before it can be stated with confidence whether this short-term effect is normal secular deformation or pre-earthshift deformation. The primary aim of this report is to state the methods used and the accuracy attained.

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