Outline of the paleontology of the Greymouth District (print copy)

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Nathan, S. 1974 Outline of the paleontology of the Greymouth District. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 67 61 p.

Abstract: Since Morgan (1911) described the geology of the Greymouth Subdivision, the Cretaceous and Tertiary sequence there has been widely used as a standard for the West Coast. Despite the scarcity of macrofossils the stratigraphic sequence is clear, and Morgan's mapping has not been seriously altered in later surveys by Wellman (1950b), Gage (1952), and Nathan (in press). In contrast, mapping of similar sequences in the Buller-Mohikonui and Reefton Subdivisions (Morgan and Bartrum 1915; Henderson 1917) to the north was marred by miscorrelations, and has been extensively revised by later workers. With the advent of micropaleontological and microfloral studies in the 1940's considerable elaboration of Morgan's work has been possible. In particular, coal measures in different parts of the sequence have been dated, and previously unrecognised conformities have been found. In 1939 the Geological Survey established a field office in Greymouth, and in the succeeding thirty years many fossil collections were made; at present the NZ Fossil Record File for NZMS 1 Sheet S44 (Greymouth) records over 700 collections. It was no coincidence, therefore, that Finlay and Marwick (1947) named three stages (Kaiatan, Runangan, and Kapitean) and one series (Arnold) for localities close to Greymouth. Most of the paleontological data on the Greymouth district, however, remain in unpublished files of the NZ Geological Survey, or in the NZ Fossil Record File. This report is the result of paleontological work undertaken during the preparation of a revised geological map of the Greymouth Sheet (Nathan, in press). The stratigraphic part of this report was prepared by Nathan, and the paleontological sections by paleontologists of the NZ Geological Survey who are individually acknowledged. It must be emphasised that this report is only a summary of the very large amount of the paleontological data available. An effort has been made, however, to include collections which date the upper and lower limits of formations, as well as any of particular stratigraphic importance. Complete stratigraphic and paleontological data for all the listed samples can be obtained from the NZ Fossil Record File.

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