Additional fossil localities of the Torlesse rocks of the South Island (print copy)

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Speden, I.G. 1975 Additional fossil localities of the Torlesse rocks of the South Island. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 69. 37 p. .

Abstract: A large amount of unpublished data was compiled for a review of the paleontology of the Torlesse of the South Island in a paper being prepared by Andrews, Speden and Bradshaw. As only summations and interpretations of the data are given in the paper, basic information is presented in this report so that it is available to those interested in Torlesse problems. The information is presented in three categories: (1) Collection made since the compilation of Table 2 in Campbell and Warren (1965) up to the end of 1973, and also a few older collections not recorded in Campbell & Warren, are listed in Table 1. Excluded from Table 1 is the large number of collections of Kaihikuan (Ladinian) age from shallow-marine sequences at Corbies Creek (S117; c.111 localities), Mt St Mary (S117; C.18 localities), and Mt Potts (S72; c. 27 localities). Also excluded are Middle or Late Jurassic localities near Alford Forest (S81) recently discovered by H. Keene and P. Oliver (University of Canterbury) and limestone localities reported by Bradshaw. The total number of localities known from the Torlesse of the South Island is given in Table 2 and their stratigraphic distribution shown in Fig 1. Because of uncertainty over the stratigraphic relation of early Cretaceous to Torlesses rocks in Marlborough the Early Cretaceous (Urutawan-Motuan) fossil localities listed by Campbell & Warren (1965) are excluded from the Torlesse in this paper and are not counted in the total number of localities. (2) Fossil assemblages in stratigraphic unites are listed in Appendix 1. (3) Lithology of the matrix of collections, where available or reported, is given in Appendix 2. This category of information was not presented in Campbell & Warren (1965). The distribution of major lithological types in the Permian and Monotis zone is shown in Figs 2 and 3. (auth)

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