Extraction of insoluble microfossils from limestone

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Simes, J.E. 1977 Extraction of insoluble microfossils from limestone. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 82; Report NZGS 82 18 p.

Abstract: Extraction of microfossils from limestone has been a continuing project at Geological Survey for a number of years. Initially the project was a trial one to test the suitability of the Lower Paleozoic limestones of North West Nelson. Subsequent work has resulted in a range of samples treated from ? Precambrian to Pliocene. Recovery of conodonts, inarticulate brachipods, molluscan casts, silicified trilobites and other fossil remains from many otherwise apparently unfossiliferous Lower Paleozoic limestones, reveal a potentially large area of study. Some Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic limestones have been sampled for conodonts, so far without success. Some Cenzoic limestones have yielded elasmobranch remains. Basic laboratory techniques have changed little, but field sampling has intensified. Laboratory results are consistent and methods used are considered suitable for the samples so far encountered. A good high power stereomicroscope and the facility of a scanning electron microscope make the identification and illustration of microfossils much easier. To date 285 samples have been processed, 64% of which fossiliferous. This report is intended to summarise the results so far obtained and to give an idea of the faunal content of fossiliferous samples. Identifications are provisional, and should not be quoted in publication.