Inangahua Earthquake, 1968 : damage to houses (print copy)

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Suggate, R.P.; Wood, P.R. 1979 Inangahua Earthquake, 1968 : damage to houses. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 85 58 p.

Abstract: Immediately following the Inangahua earthquake, a Geological Survey team investigated the central area of damage, primarily for evidence of surface deformation. A complementary investigation of damage to houses in the region was initiated very soon afterwards in order to try to relate variations in damage to the regional and local geological settings of the houses. With the co-operation of the head teachers of secondary schools, a questionnaire was distributed to pupils, providing a good sampling of town and country areas; the questionnaire was rather rapidly devised but proved generally satisfactory. When the data was first looked at, it becomes clear that the distribution of population was unsatisfactory for drawing adequately-based conclusions related to the regional geology, and that the difference in local geology and the wide range of types of damage provided a problem in analysis. Accordingly it was later decided to code the data for computer analysis, on a form devised to cope, in future earthquakes, with a greater range of data than was collected in 1968. The results are generally inconclusive with respect to detailed correlation of damage with geological or house-construction factors. As a result the finalisation of the report was subordinated to other work. It is now presented in the hope that it will prove of interest as a procedure that might, with modification, be adopted subsequently, both for obtaining data and for its analysis, as well as for the information incorporated in it.

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