Bibliography of Wairarapa geology, 1855-1978

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Moore, P.R.; Duckworth, E.G. 1979 Bibliography of Wairarapa geology, 1855-1978. Lower Hutt: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Report NZGS 86 30 p.

Abstract: The compilation of this bibliography represents an attempt at a complete listing of references on the geology of the Wairarapa region, up to December 1978. It includes, for the first time, unpublished petroleum exploration company reports which are held on open file at NZ Geological Survey, Lower Hutt. Also included are unpublished theses from Victoria University of Wellington, and publications and reports which, although largely concerned with topics outside the area, make some significant reference to Wairarapa geology. This bibliography overlaps to some extent with that compiled for the Wellington region by Williams (1975). Some references to part of southern Hawke's Bay are also included for convenience. A general bibliography of the coastal region between Cape Turnagain and Cape Palliser has been compiled by Bardsley (1977), and geological references to the east coast as a whole are contained in an unpublished report by Wellman (1957).