Bibliography of Charles Alexander Fleming 1939 to December 1980

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Keyes, I.W. 1981 Bibliography of Charles Alexander Fleming 1939 to December 1980. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 95 64 p.

Abstract: The published contributions of Sir Charles Fleming to New Zealand science in the fields of ornithology, geology, paleontology, biogeography, entomology, history of science, ecology and conservation are very numerous. They reflect a great diversity of scientific interests and to each of these disciplines. Sir Charles has contributed a wealth of orginal thought which over the years has earned and is continuing to earn for him national and international honours and awards (see Appendix 1). Sir Charles however is best known for his research in the field of paleontology, and during his career as Paleontologist and later Chief Paleontologist with the New Zealand Geological Survey (1940-1977) he established a lasting reputation as one of New Zealand's foremost paleontologists. His early interests in ornithology, which he has maintained throughout his life, stand as the second major field in which he has made numerous contributions. Earlier attempts were made by Keyes (1972, 1976) to compile a preliminary bibliography of Sir Charles' published works, and Dawson (1977) compiled a list of published ornithological papers. This present bibliography (with subject index included) provides a full and revised list of all works of Sir Charles Fleming from 1939 up to the end of 1980. The list is complete (as far as it is ever possible to achieve ''completeness'') but I would be grateful to learn of any omissions so that these and the subsequent (post 1980) publications that Sir Charles is continuing to produce in his retirement can be listed at some future occasion.