Geology and bibliography of the Campbell Plateau, New Zealand

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Cook, R.A. 1981 Geology and bibliography of the Campbell Plateau, New Zealand. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Report NZGS 97 48 p.

Abstract: Interest in oil exploration of the sedimentary basins on the Campbell Plateau has made it desirable to review the geology of the region and to compile a bibliography of the published information covering the region. This is intended to be supplementary to the oil exploration information, and hence does not include the unpublished oil company data. During compilation of the bibliography it was found that much of the useful information was either published earlier this century or in internal reports of various New Zealand Government Departments which are difficult to obtain outside New Zealand. This review aims to promote access to information by summarising the lithology and the known stratigraphy of the islands and D.S.D.P. holes. Most of the structural and tectonic interpretations of the region are presented in modern published literature and the major references are listed in tha attached bibliography. The geology of each island or group is summarised separately in anticlockwise order away from the South Island. The bibliography section is in two parts, firstly an alphabetical list by author and secondly a selected subject index.