TIMS U-Pb geochronology of dioritic-granitic rocks Fiordland

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Ramezani, J.; Tulloch, A.J. 2009 TIMS U-Pb geochronology of dioritic-granitic rocks Fiordland. 37 p. doi:10.21420/G2CC7Z.

Abstract: This report presents preliminary results of Isotope Dilution Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (TIMS)U-Pb analyses of zircon undertaken to support the 1:250 000 QMP Fiordland project (Figure 1). The geological context of these data are reported in Allibone et al. (2007; southwest Fiordland), Allibone et al. (2009a; Eastern Fiordland), and Allibone et al. (2009b; western Fiordland). In these papers the ages have been reported in approximate mode only, because the age interpretations had not been formally reviewed. Here, we present the preliminary results, prior to peer-reviewed publication (Table 1, Figure 2). It is possible that these age interpretations may change slightly as a result of review, and we wished to avoid any confusion due to slightly different ages appearing in the above papers and final geochronological papers (in preparation*). Some earlier data for Paleozoic plutons from Fiordland has been included in Tulloch et al. (2009). (auth)

*Published paper: Schwartz, J.J.; Klepeis, K.A.; Sadorski, J.F.; Stowell, H.H.; Tulloch, A.J.; Coble, M.A. 2017 The tempo of continental arc construction in the Mesozoic Median Batholith, Fiordland, New Zealand. Lithosphere, 9(3): 343-365; doi: 10.1130/L610.1