Volcanic hazards assessment in New Zealand

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Gregory, J.G.; Watters, W.A. 1986 Volcanic hazards assessment in New Zealand. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Record / New Zealand Geological Survey 10 104 p.

Abstract: The hazards and risks associated with volcanic centres and specific volcanoes in New Zealand are reviewed, and an appendix summaries what is known about the nature, frequency and size of eruptions from them. There are 4 major rhyolite volcanic centres, 6 andesite-dacite composite volcanoes, and 3 basaltic fields. Possible improvements in the surveillance programme are outlined. Subsequent chapters describe the monitoring in progress or contemplated for Tongariro Volcanic Centre, Taupo Volcanic Centre, Okataina Volcanic Centre, White Island, and the Auckland region. Geotechnical problems arising in large construction projects on volcanic soils and rocks are summarised using case studies from the Taupo Volcanic Zone. The region presents a unique range of volcanological and geotechnical circumstances, requiring a diversity of methods for mitigating risks. (auths)

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