Limestone resources of northern and central Hawke's Bay

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Moore, P.R.; Hatton, B.A. 1985 Limestone resources of northern and central Hawke's Bay. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Record / New Zealand Geological Survey 2 26 p.

Abstract: Four main limestone types occur in northern and central Hawkes Bay - coquina, broken shell, sandy, and calcarenite (Patutahi limestone). The coquina and sandy limsetones extend throughout the region, and broken shell limestone covers a considerable portion of the Napier district. Patutahi limestone is restricted to small occurrences west of Gisborne. The composition, thickness, quality and other physical characteristics of the various limestones is described. The main uses of limestone in the region are for roading, protection work and agriculture. Present production, reserves, and the potential for future development of limestone deposits are discussed briefly

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