Quaternary deposition and deformation in the Buller and tributary valleys

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Suggate, R.P. 1988 Quaternary deposition and deformation in the Buller and tributary valleys. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Record / New Zealand Geological Survey 25 51 p.

Abstract: As part of the needs of geological mapping in 1:50 000 sheets L29BD Upper Buller Gorge, M29AC Mangles Valley, N29AC Tophouse, and M29BD Gowan, the Buller and tributary valleys required co-ordinated studies. These were centered principally on the youngest main glacial outwash aggradation surfaces that extend from moraines near Lake Rotoiti and from corresponding moraines in valleys tributary to the Buller. These surfaces were deformed at times of major historic earthquakes and this has led to an examination of the possible full extent of their vertical deformation in the 18 000 years since they were formed. Major historic earthquakes have contributed to the deformation. The Maruia Falls, about 10 m high, developed after the 1929 Murchison earthquake and an account is given of their origin. Deformation of much older surfaces in the Upper Buller gorge of which a revised description is given, carries the study of deformation back at least 250 000 years.

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