The glacial/interglacial sequence of north Westland, New Zealand

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Suggate, R.P. 1985 The glacial/interglacial sequence of north Westland, New Zealand. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Record / New Zealand Geological Survey 7 22 p.

Abstract: The north Westland glacial/interglacial sequence is revised with the identification of the deposits of a further glaciation and a further interglacial. The Cockeye (glacial) Formation is split, the younger part being named Tansley Formation. Intermediate in age is the marine Scandinavia Formation, which is overlain by tansley outwash gravel. Further data on the altitudes of marine deposits have let to the recognition that those formerly mapped as Karoro Formation represent two seperate high sea levels. the older deposits retain the name Karoro Formation, and the younger form the Rutherglen Formation. The Rutherglen Formation is also recognised as the older part of what has been mapped as the Awatuna Formation, which has previously included the deposits of two high sea levels attributed to one major interglacial; it is now restricted to the younger set of these deposits. The Loopline Formation, previously mapped as including the deposits of two glacial advances within one glaciation, is restricted to the older of these deposits; the younger are named Larrikins Formation.

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