Preliminary development work on a three-component aeromagnetometer

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Gerard, V.B 1952 Preliminary development work on a three-component aeromagnetometer. : . Report / Geophysics Division 3 12 p

Abstract: This paper is intended to be read as an extension to a previous paper (Gerard 1951) in which the writer outlined his ideas for a proposed three-component aeromagnetometer. Briefly, the proposed method consists of mounting a small non-magnetic astro-camera on the detector-head gimbal mechanism of the aeromagnetometer (modified MAD type AN/ASQ-1), so that the optical axis of the camera is parallel to the axis of the total-force fluxgate. Thus, by identifying the stars photographed, one can find the right-ascension and declination of the point on the celestial sphere towards which the total-force fluxgate axis is orientated. This point will be referred to as the `F' point in the following discussion. Hence, the magnetic declination and dip can be calculated, given also the latitude and longitude of the place and the time of the photograph. It is only necessary to identify two stars in the photograph. (auth)