Geomagnetic anomalies on the Chatham Islands

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Cullington, A.L 1952 Geomagnetic anomalies on the Chatham Islands. : . Report / Geophysics Division 5 16 p

Abstract: As it is intended to establish an International Repeat Station on the Chatham Islands, the magnetic observations reduced to Epoch 1903.5 and 1950.5 were investigated to obtain information of the localities most likely to yield normal magnetic values. Twenty magnetic stations were established on the Chatham Islands group in 1908 by Skey and Kidson (1). At eight of these stations repeat observations were carried out during February and March 1924 by Skey and Walshe (2), while another magnetic station was established near the wireless station. In 1948 Baird (3) re-occupied two of the original stations, Te Roto and Waitangi B. International Repeat Stations (4) should be sited as far as possible in areas free from marked local magnetic disturbance. (auth)