Maui development - Oaonui production site: geophysical investigations

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Dawson, G.R.; Jenkins, R.G.; Hatherton, T. 1976 Maui development - Oaonui production site: geophysical investigations. : . Report / Geophysics Division 112 8 p.

Abstract: Geophysical investigations at the Oaonui production station site indicate (a) the compressional-wave seismic velocities of the Egmont Volcanics below the water table (2 m), are about 1700 m/s, but increase to about 1950 m/s at about 16m; (b) the thickness of the Egmont Volcanics at the site is about 120 m - 150 m. It was not possible to measure shear-wave velocities in the rocks. Any conversion of the compressional-wave velocity to shear-wave velocity (for seismic design purposes) by means of an assumed Poisson's ratio is considered to be of dubious value. The velocities recorded above are probably representative of the whole Egmont apron of laharic debris (auth.)