Lunar influence in the E-region critical frequency

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Cummack, C.H 1954 Lunar influence in the E-region critical frequency. : . Report / Geophysics Division 15 9 p

Abstract: Martyn (1) has attempted to determine a possible lunar variation of foE1 at Canberra (critical frequency of E1 ionospheric layer) using ten year's data. There is slight evidence for a small lunar variation of about 0.13% with its maximum at about 4 lunar hours. The scatter of points on the resulting harmonic dial, however, is so great, that the probable ellipse encloses the centre of the dial. Therefore the real existence of a lunar variation of foE cannot yet be taken as established. In the determination of such small variations trouble is encountered in minimizing random variations. It was therefore decided to attempt to establish a variation by considering foE2-foE1 as a function of a lunar age. It is expected that random variation in E1 and E2 is approximately equal at any particular time. (auth)