Interpretation of flowmeter and temperature logs from geothermal wells

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Syms, M.C. 1980 Interpretation of flowmeter and temperature logs from geothermal wells. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 168 63 p.

Abstract: Continuous temperature and flowmeter logs have been recorded in geothermal wells using a combination tool in which temperature is sensed by a platinum resistance element and water flow by a rotating spinner. Temperature logs are corrected for the thermal lag of the moving probe by a deconvolution process. Flowmeter log interpretation involves being able to distinguish between water flow changes in a well and changes in bore cross-sectional area, a parameter which cannot be measured directly because of the presence of a slotted liner in the well. In order to make a successful interpretation, the variation in water velocity over the cross-section of the bore containing the flowmeter must be taken into account. Volumetric flowrates are deduced using an empirically determined relationship which requires data from several logging runs, made at different speeds, while the water flow in the well is constant. The method has been calibrated using information gained in local geothermal wells undergoing water injection from the surface. (auth)