A small borehole tiltmeter for volcanic observations

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Hurst, A.W.; Mills, A.A. 1981 A small borehole tiltmeter for volcanic observations. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 185 11 p

Abstract: Measurements of volcanic deformation have shown that tilt records contain considerable `noise', much of which is ascribed to change in the water table resulting from rainfall and melting of snow. Tiltmeters for volcano monitoring therefore do not need to be highly sensitive, but must reliably detect and locate any source of deformation such as may result from the intrusion of fresh magma. This requirement is best met by a network of inexpensive borehole instruments which are themselves inherently stable and free from drift. A small borehole tiltmeter, to fit in a shallow hole drilled by a portable rock drill, has been developed. This tiltmeter uses a capacitive bridge sensor system with a low power consumption, so that it can either be read manually or used for recording or telemetry at remote sites