Scale factor of Worden W283 gravity meter

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Cowan, M. 1960 Scale factor of Worden W283 gravity meter. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 28 15p.

Abstract: Worden gravity meter no 283 was purchased by the Geophysical Survey in 1956, was damaged during the 1956/57 Antarctic summer season and returned to the makers for repair during 1957. Since it's return to New Zealand in September 1957 the scale factor of the small range dial has been checked periodically by running the meter over the Christchurch and Wellington calibration intervals. These results suggest that the scale factor (mgal/ dial division) of the small dial varies with temperature and time although there was no information from the makers that suggested this was the case. The statistical analysis of the results obtained between February 1958 and April 1959 is the subject of this report (auth)