Further electrical soundings at Orakeikorako

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Macdonald, W.J.P. 1966 Further electrical soundings at Orakeikorako. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 41 2p.

Abstract: A further group of electrical soundings have been made between the Waikato River and the Taupo-Hamilton main road. The results of this survey have been combined with the results of a previous survey described in Geothermal Circular W.J.P. MacD 3 (August 1965). The Wenner electrode configuration with a maximum interelectrode spacing of 3600 ft was used. The locations of the soundings are shown in Fig. 1. The soundings prefixed 4X are from the previous report. Each sounding has been interpreted and the results are presented in Fig. 2. One of the major problems in interpreting electrical soundings in the thermal area is the problem of differentiating between resistivity changes caused by change of rock type and those caused by invasion of the rock by thermal waters of varying temperatures. This problem is further complicated at Orakeikorako as the area seems to be faulted (auth.)