Local microseisms recorded near Lake Taupo

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Clacy, G.R.T. 1967 Local microseisms recorded near Lake Taupo. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 43 3p.

Abstract: During the period when earthquake swarms occurred in 1964 in the Taupo area a Willmore seismometer (MK 1) was sited at Kinloch and signals were recorded on a slow speed tape recorder which has been described by Dibble (1964). In analysing the tape it was found that in addition to local earthquakes strong local microseisms were also recorded. These local microseisms had a frequency spectrum of 1.0 c/sec to 2.5 c/sec. Since the frequencies of the local microseisms also fall in the expected frequency spectrum of the geothermal ground noise (1 c/sec to 20 c/sec) it was of interest to study this phenomenon in detail and also to find out if these microseisms could interfere with the geothermal ground noise studies. This study was made in 1966 with the same seismometer-tape recorder unit sited at Kinloch, about two miles from the lake shore, and later at Acacia Bay, about half a mile from the shore (Fig. 1). Similar local microseisms as in 1964 were recorded at both sites, and an analysis of these events and a comparison with meteorological data from the Wairakei Meteorological Observatory were undertaken (auth.)