Broadlands geothermal area geophysical survey

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Banwell, C.J.; Macdonald, W.J.P.; Hochstein, M.P.; Innes, D.G.; Carrington, L. 1967 Broadlands geothermal area geophysical survey. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 48 24 p.

Abstract: This report incorporates the results of a number of geophysical methods which are now regarded as being well established for the investigation of new geothermal areas. The application of these results for the siting of investigatory deep drillholes has permitted these holes to be placed much more effectively than before, and it is now considered that the main characteristics of the entire Broadlands field can be established with no more than six or seven of these holes. At the time of writing this Report, full data are available from only three deep holes, but the results show good accord with the conclusions of the geophysical work