Measurements of ground vibrations from explosions

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Whiteford, P.C. 1971 Measurements of ground vibrations from explosions. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 69 33 p.

Abstract: This report contains the results of four unrelated measurements of the ground vibration resulting from explosions and is followed by a chapter in which safe charge sizes for blasting operations in the vicinity of buildings are discussed. The purpose of the measurements was to determine the effects of explosions on structures which were in the vicinity of blasting sites. The ground vibration resulting from the detonation of small charges was measured and by substituting these measurements in empirical formulae, the effect of larger explosions on nearby structures was assessed. Since the distance from shot point to the recording site was fixed for each measurement and the range of the size of charges that were fired was small, the measurements were not sufficient to determine empirical relationships between charge size, distance to shot point, and soil type. However, the results can be compared with empirical formulae already derived by other authors. (auth)