Seismic refraction profiles across the Alpine Fault

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Garrick, R.A.; Hatherton, T. 1974 Seismic refraction profiles across the Alpine Fault. [s.l.]: [s.n.]. Report / Geophysics Division 87 41 p.

Abstract: The results of seismic refraction profiles, supplemented by gravity data, are presented for five localities along the Alpine Fault. At four of the localities there is a discontinuity of about 1 km/s in the basement velocity, from which the position of the fault in the basement is inferred. The exception is at Styx River where basement velocity is fairly uniform along the profile. At only two of the localities (Springs Junction and Inchbonnie) are there clear indications of discontinuity in the basement surface. The dips of the lines joining the observed or inferred fault trace at the surface to the inferred fault position in the basement are (all to the south-east): Springs Junction > 65deg, Inchbonnie 25deg - 38deg, Styx River 40deg - 56deg, Haast 7deg? At Whataroa the obliquity of the profile relative to the fault leads to a more complex situation, though the results are consistent with a massive overthrust of schist. (auth.)