Geophysics Division rock catalogue an introduction and a guide to recording data

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Whiteford, C.M.; Lumb, J.T. 1973 Geophysics Division rock catalogue an introduction and a guide to recording data. : . Report / Geophysics Division 88 37 p.

Abstract: In 1948 The Dominion Physical Laboratory (now the Physics and Engineering Laboratory) of DSIR started making routine measurements of density and magnetic susceptibility of small rock samples collected in New Zealand, islands in the south-western Pacific area and later, Antarctica. Some ten years and one thousand samples later, this work was continued by Geophysics Division and now this Division has on record over 7000 determinations of these physical properties. In addition over 500 measurements of natural remanent magnetisation have been made on samples whose field orientation is known. Up to the present time, the record of these measurements has been kept in handwritten form in ledger books, with one entry per line across a double page. This system has been efficient from the point of view of paper-saving, but the small amount of space available for each sample has led to omissions and the use of cryptic codes, and the retrieval of data have been kept separate and frequently inaccessible in individual scientists' filing cabinets. The density data available up to the end of 1963 were summarised by Hatherton and Leopard (1964). The catalogue is indexed as NZ11 in a list of geological data files published by the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology (1972) (auth.)