Papers on geophysical investigations of ground water on the Canterbury Plains

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Risk, G.F. (comp.) 1974 Papers on geophysical investigations of ground water on the Canterbury Plains. Wellington: DSIR, Geophysics Division. Report / Geophysics Division 94 55 p.

Abstract: The decision in mid-1974 of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research to undertake a multi-disciplinary study of ground water in North Canterbury has revived interest in earlier work in the region. The purpose of this report is to publish five papers on geophysical investigations of Canterbury ground water which had previously been available as internal reports with only limited circulation. The papers are: McKellar, I.G.; Robertson E.I. 1949 : Use of electrical methods for groundwater level determinations on the Canterbury Plains Robertson, E.I. 1949 : Measurement of soil moisture at Winchmore by resistivity methods Garrick, R.A. 1959 : Refraction seismic profiles in the Waimakariri River Gorge Ingham, C.E. 1963 : Water table depths - Canterbury Plains Garrick, R.A. 1974 : Finding the water table from seismic refraction spreads Changes have been made to some of the papers. The second of the two papers by R.A. Garrick has been rewritten for inclusion in this collection. The appendices to the paper by McKellar and Robertson have been omitted but this ought not affect the clarity of the paper or its conclusions. The scales shown in the legends of some of the diagrams have been altered to allow for reductions in the sizes of the diagrams.