10Be measurements on Antarctic soils : preliminary study

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Graham, I.J.; Claridge, G.C.; Ditchburn, R.G.; Sparks, R.J.; Wallace, G.; Whitehead, N.E. 1995 10Be measurements on Antarctic soils : preliminary study . Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 95/38 15 p.

Abstract: The total 10Be inventory of a soil formed on till on the inland edge of the Transantarctic mountains was measured using accelerator mass spectrometry. An apparent age of 80 Ka was then calculated using the global production rate of 10Be in the upper atmosphere. This age is very much less than the age of the surface estimated by geological and pedological observation and reasoning. The differences may be due to a much lower rate of infall of 10Be onto the land surface or to inaccuracies in the model used to deduce the age of the landscape. An alternative treatment of the data considers the concentration of salt at different layers within the soil. Assuming that 10Be follows transport of salt through the soil, and with regard to the decay rate of 10Be, the deepest layers are in the order of 12 Ma. This mean age is similar to that derived by normalising the 10Be to total soluble material, and is consistent with the presumed age of the soil from stratigraphic information. (auth)