Design, specifications, and procedures for creating QMAP graphics

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Heron, D.W.; Lyall, J.A.; Rattenbury, M.S. 1997 Design, specifications, and procedures for creating QMAP graphics. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 97/29 42 p.

Abstract: The first edition of the 1:250,000 geological map of New Zealand completed in 1967 is currently undergoing major revision funded by the Foundation for Research, Science, and Technology. The second edition QMAP (Quarter million MAP) is being published as a new national series of geological maps. The first of these maps (Dunedin and Kaitaia) are now published and the remaining maps will be completed over the next decade. Map production from QMAP is entirely computer generated, from the QMAP Geographic Information System (GIS) database using ESRI's proprietary ARC/INFO software. ARC/INFO (currently using UNIX workstation version 7.04) is relatively sophisticated GIS software which is capable of generating high quality graphics and converting them to digital colour separates suitable for writing to film. The films can then be conventionally converted to plates for colour lithographic printing. The creation of colour separates of high cartographic quality from a GIS is a complex process and this report documents the technical design and procedures followed in the production of the first QMAP maps. Included in this report are portions of many computer macros (AMLs) which have been written by the authors to facilitate the process of map production. The software is relatively new and continually evolving, and it is envisaged that with time the AMLs and techniques described within this report will be superseded. (auth)