Establishment of 10Be surface exposure dating methods at GNS

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Graham, I.J.; Kim, K.J.; Zondervan, A.; McSaveney, M.J. 1998 Establishment of 10Be surface exposure dating methods at GNS. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 98/22 15 p.

Abstract: Establishment of surface exposure dating techniques using 10Be began at GNS in late 1996. Progress so far has seen the establishment of sample preparation methods, development of AMS techniques, and the completion of analytical trials. Considerable progress has been made towards improving 10Be analysis at low levels using the GNS tandem accelerator. Several modifications have been made to the AMS system to lower the detection limit for sup 10/Be / 9Be ratio measurements by at least a factor 10, due to an improved suppression of the 9BeOH- / 9Be3+ parasitic beam. With backgrounds of 2x10-14 on standard blanks, uncorrected for 10Be(1H,4He)7Be, low-level 10Be / 9Be ratio measurements are now possible. Promising results for two small dating projects (case studies), the raised beaches at Turakirae Heads and Lake Hawea moraines, are reported and briefly discussed. (auth)