Information on volcanic and earthquake hazards : the impact on awareness and preparation

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Ballantyne, M.; Paton, D.; Johnston, D.M.; Kozuch, M.J.; Daly, M.C. 2000 Information on volcanic and earthquake hazards : the impact on awareness and preparation. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 2000/02 45 p.

Abstract: This report provides a preliminary summary of the findings from the Auckland Volcanic Hazard Management Survey (numbers 1 and 2) that took place in February/March and May 1999. For both surveys, 405 people were interviewed by telephone. Survey 2 was conducted following the dissemination of a volcanic hazard information campaign, which provided information on the history of the Auckland Volcanic Field and information on preparing for volcanic hazard effects. The distribution of the second survey, following the dissemination of this information, provided an opportunity to examine its impact on community awareness, knowledge, and preparedness. However, because different samples were used in each survey, the conclusions drawn from these data remain tentative. Major findings and implications are briefly summarised. While the overall sample size was good, smaller numbers in certain categories (e.g., those relating to ethnicity) and some questions (e.g., those relating to specific preparations) suggest that some conclusions should be treated as tentative and indicative of potential issues/problems within the Auckland Region. Further research is required to clarify these findings and to test their implications. (auth/PM)