10Be and 26Al AMS capability at GNS : status 2001

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Zondervan, A. 2001 10Be and 26Al AMS capability at GNS : status 2001. Lower Hutt : Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 2001/15 26 p.

 Abstract: The present limitations to the sensitivity and detection limit for 10Be and 26Al AMS, at the EN-tandem accelerator system of the Rafter national facility at GNS, are discussed. The dominant charge-exchange mechanisms are explained. Various test measurements focus on specific characteristics of the system that set these limits. The sensitivity for 10Be/9Be is near 1.10-14, at which point it takes more than 1 hour to reduce the Poisson error to 10%. Using the same definition, the sensitivity for 26Al/27Al is 2.10-13. Spectrum background from interferences with each of these rare isotopes are of the similar magnitude. The detection limit and sensitivity for 26Al requires substantial improvement before being useful for low-level AMS. The first step should be the installation of a new (magnetic-)electrostatic analyser system in front of the particle detection. (auth)