Results of the August-September 2001 Washington State tsunami survey

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Johnston, D.M.; Paton, D.; Houghton, B.; Becker, J.S.; Crumbie, G. 2002 Results of the August-September 2001 Washington State tsunami survey . Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 2002/17 37 p.

Abstract: A survey looking at residents’ and visitors’ (non-residents) perceptions of tsunami hazards was carried out along the west coast of Washington State during August and September 2001. A total of 436 questionnaires were delivered directly to houses in the six communities of Long Beach, Seaview, Ocean Park, Surfside Estates, Oysterville and Ocean Shores. A further 733 postal questionnaires were sent to random post office box numbers in the communities of Raymond, Hoquiam, Ocean Shores and Westport. In addition a total of 97 interviews were conducted at several West Coast beaches including Long Beach, Seaview, Ocean City, Ocean Shores and Westport. The study is concerned with quantifying people’s understanding of tsunami hazards on the Washington coast, their knowledge regarding the Washington State tsunami warning system, their preparedness to deal with tsunami hazards, and collecting information that could be used for baseline measurement. This report presents the results of this survey and discusses their implications for the current status of hazard education and warning effectiveness, and for the development of future strategies for tsunami hazard reduction and preparedness. (auth)