Preparation procedures for the 10Be analysis of marine deposits

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Ditchburn, R.G.; Graham, I.J. 2003 Preparation procedures for the 10Be analysis of marine deposits. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 2033/10. 14 p. 

Abstract: Chemical preparation procedures for near-quantitative analysis of atmospheric 10Be at relatively low concentrations in marine sediment and ferromanganese nodules are described in detail. This report covers improvements made to the methods described in Science report 2002/02 and includes techniques for processing small samples, analysis of carbonate in sediment via CO2 emanation and determining the 10Be/9Be ratio in the outer rim of a ferromanganese nodule. The procedures described in Sections 2 and 3 are now used for all marine sediment, loess, soil and ferromanganese samples at GNS. (auth/DG)