Eastern Taranaki boundary fault paleontology and timing of thrusting

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Raine, J.I.; Cook, R.A.; Strong, C.P. 2005 Eastern Taranaki boundary fault paleontology and timing of thrusting . Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences science report 2004/12 57 p.

Abstract: This report is the compilation of four separate reports that have been produced over the last year for the NPR objective 4 research programme that is supported by the Foundation for Research Science and Technology (Contract no C05X0302). This project is aimed at providing revised dating and tectonostratigraphic identification of basement (Permian to Jurassic) rocks, and complete biostratigraphic review of Cretaceous-Cenozoic sections in petroleum wells, to improve chronostratigraphic, structural and sedimentological models of strata and movement history in the Taranaki Fault Zone (Theme 2). The first two reports are the compilation of the Permian to Jurassic palynology by Ian Raine, for several old wells that have been resampled and redated using samples from the Ministry of Economic Development Core and sample library and existing slides and material held by Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited. The third section is a review of five wells by Percy Strong. These wells are on the downthrown side of the Taranaki Boundary fault and are ahead of the thrust block. The review is aimed at seeing the biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental effects on the sediments to assist with defining the periods of movement on the fault. The fourth is a workup and review of the age, lithology and petrographic data from all the wells that have intersected Permian to Jurassic rocks by Richard Cook. In this work there are a series of cross sections at approximately right angles through the Taranaki Fault. This is the initial data for the project and will be combined with other information for further interpretations as the whole NPR objective 4 progresses. (auth)