NIGHT 2001 seismic reprocessing : NGHT-04 East Coast North Island, New Zealand

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Zhu, H. 2007 NIGHT 2001 seismic reprocessing : NGHT-04 East Coast North Island, New Zealand. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2006/32 25 p.

Abstract: This report details the reprocessing of seven 2D NIGHT 2001 (North Island Geophysical Transect) seismic lines offshore East Coast, North Island, New Zealand, totalling some 328 km of data. The reprocessing was conducted by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS Science) at their Lower Hutt offices in New Zealand, between March 2005 and February 2006. The data were primarily collected for deep crustal seismic studies, and the nature and quality of the seismic data processing undertaken in 2001 (project NGHT-01) and 2003 (project NGHT-03) reflects this. The quality of the resulting seismic image from this processing, while fit for purpose, is insufficient for most hydrocarbon exploration purposes . In addition, the processing methodology adopted makes accurate imaging of the details of near surface structure impossible. GNS Science proposed to re-process these data to a level where they can be utilised by the hydrocarbon exploration industry. Therefore, the principal issue for the reprocessing project was to improve the imaging and resolution of the sediment section up to eight seconds (Two-way travel time) and conduct a detailed velocity analysis. (auth)