Protocol for operating the GNS ion beam sputtering system

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Markwitz, A.; Kennedy, J.V. 2006 Protocol for operating the GNS ion beam sputtering system. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2006/35 28 p.

Abstract: GNS Science has established an ion beam deposition system to produce thin films on substrates. A Penning ion source and Einzellens assembly is used to sputter any solid state targets. Typically, high energy argon ions are used to sputter atoms from targets of Al, Fe, ZnO Au, Si3N4 and SiC onto flat surface substrates, such as glassy carbon, wafer silicon and sapphire. However, any target material can be presented to the ion beam as long as it fits into the deposition chamber. Typically 20 x 20 mm targets are used. Typical film thickness ranges from 20 – 500 nm. The thin films are produced under high vacuum conditions of 10-7 mbar residual gas pressure. This science report discusses the ion beam deposition system and shows some examples of thin films. (auth)