Kowhitirangi and Kokatahi Plains groundwater assessment

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Zemansky, G.M.; Horrox, J. 2007 Kowhitirangi and Kokatahi Plains groundwater assessment. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science report 2007/34 57 p.

Abstract: This project in the Kowhitirangi and Kokatahi Plains area was intended to follow up from the groundwater state of the environment report in 2005 that indicated farming operations could be impacting groundwater in the area. Thirty one wells in the area were selected for sampling based on geographic distribution, availability and access, and the cooperation of the well owner. The locations and well top of casing water level measurement reference points were surveyed to determine accurate New Zealand map grid coordinates and elevations, respectively. Additionally, up and downstream sampling locations were determined on both the Hokitika River and Kokatahi River. (auth)